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Java Runtime Environment 9.0 Build 69

Imagine A World Without Java. I know, You Can't.

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Java Runtime Environment 9.0 Build 69

Java Runtime Environment Review:

 Java is not so old as C or C++ but yet has become an unreplaceable part of our IT society. There is nothing in the IT industry that is untouched by this programming language. Yes, it is a programming language that is introduced to the students, mostly in the 10th grade as BlueJ and later developed as Core Java Java has a product called the Java runtime Environment or more popularly as JRE, which has made this impact possible. 

 World Of Applets

 This is the most prominent development of JRE (Java Runtime Environment) that finds usage in everyday life. The "applets" are applications written in Java, which allows you to interact with the internet using good looking dialog boxes, beautifully designed GUI instead of just HTML pages. Now, just imagine how it would be without Java?

 The current version running Java 2 Runtime Environment is a plugin which is embedded in every browser to make it work. It is present in every computer to be able to show you any applet based service. 
 - JRE establishes a connection between a browser and the Java platform and gives you a much richer experience online. It makes your applications to be downloaded from the internet and run within a sandbox.

 Hence, many cross-platform applications require Java to run properly. Every time an error creeps in, your computer might prompt you to download the latest Java build and this is when you should notice its relevance.


 The current running version is Java Runtime Environment 8 Build 45 for 32-bit architecture systems. It is available for Windows only within a file size of 36 MB. There is a forked version of Linux called OpenJDK. It has backward compatibility up to Windows 2000. It is distributed as a freeware and was recently released on April 15, 2015.

 Support & Compatibility

 It is officially claimed to be used in over a billion devices worldwide till date and is only increasing every day. Whether it be the parking system at your office or the security alarm in your home, they all use JRE in some form because they all are connected to the internet or they all have some form of a GUI that you use to control them.

 It is this dominance in the market that has made it a mandatory language for every aspiring IT professional to have some level of expertise as it has vast number of applications, even in the future.

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